Table Service 2.0

Table Map, Coursing, KDS and and and the industry's most advanced integrated Loyalty make our Table Service POS the best for guest satisfaction

Features to operate smoothly

Because Table Service is much different than QSR, we made sure to cover the grounds with fundamental features so you can focus on serving great meals.

Live Table Map

See status of tables in real-time to help you getting a better overview and turn tables faster

Move / Merge Tables

Often enough you need to re-seat customers. Simply tap on a table to change it


Adding items to different courses is a must-have feature for a good table service

Auto Fire

Some items need to be send directly to the kitchen or bar.

Conversational Modifiers

Avoid error while ordering with conversational modifiers

Order by Table or Seat

Add any item to table or seat. See Name or Allergies (red)

Item Routing

Send Drinks to the Bar and food to the kitchen.

Bill splitting

Our POS covers all split bill scenarios. From split by seat up to full personalization.

Cloud based Management

Menu, Tables, Staff and much more all manageable via cloud

Open Integration

We integrate well with a lot of different partners and can always integrate more

Fast to learn

A converstational UI that is easy and learn and teach

Interactive Floor Map

The Map is a great overview to know what's happening at your restaurant right now. See what table needs attention, where a VIP is seated or what needs to be cleaned.
  • Tappable Tables with Quick View
  • Editable Map on iPad
  • Color coded tables based on courses

Touchpoint KDS to synchronize your operation

Because a streamlined kitchen is best to serve food on time, we made sure that our KDS supports all the needs
  • Use as Make line, single stations or Pickup station
  • Fully interactive All Day or Ticket view
  • Full reporting of Speed of Service Kitchen Data
  • Dust, Water, Yeast, Oil resitant
  • Color codes to see allergies or extras
Learn more →

Know your customers

See order history, favorites, and allergies. Edit dietary preferences and alert the kitchen crew.
  • Quick re-order favorites from last time
  • Instantly see dietary restrictions and send to KDS
  • Treat every customer like a regular

Digital Waitlist to keep your guests in the know

Keep your lobby clear by sending an SMS to guests and kickoff the best contactless guest experience. No hardware customer app needed.
  • Works for Waitlist and Check in
  • Customers can pre-order for their table
  • No App or login needed, just a phone number
Learn more about Waitlist→

Mobile Order & Pay on the same ticket

Your customers can now order and pay for their meal from the convenience and safety of their own device
Make advatange of the fact, that every guests has a powerful device in their pocket that they can use to order on their own
  • No App, No Signup
  • Order goes to same same ticket
  • Customer can see live ticket
  • Self payment option once meal is finished
Learn more about Self-Ordering→

Affordable Table Side ordering

Let your staff order with their own devices (BYOD) so they can stop touching a shared terminal. No app to download and any device with a modern browser works.
  • Works on most smartphones and tablets
  • No additional POS License Fees
  • Keeps servers in front of guests more often
Learn more about Tableside Ordering→

Curbside Pick Up for your Restaurant

This way, it's guaranteed to not interrupt the order flow yet always have the chance to ask for signup

Live Order Tracker

Your guests stay in the know and don't need to wait in a parking spot

"I'm here" - Button

Customers simply tap the button and you can bring the order.

SMS Pay Link

Much easier than having 16-Digits via phone line

Online Store made from your POS

Easily start your online store simply from your POS Menu
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Touchpoint is your Partner, not a mere POS Provider.

We believe that hospitality is about more than food or service; hospitality is about connection, and relationships with guests.
Service and Support→

Personalized Setup

We help you in person to get your store running. From a first Menu Overview, to merge from a different system. But don't worry, it's not hard :-)

A system that always works

You are always up and running with Touchpoint. No matter if you are offline or experiencing a power outage.

We're here for you

In case something does go wrong, we are here for you 24/7/365. Our Team in based in North America and always connected to our Engineers.

Why choose Touchpoint? 

  • Cloud manage your store
  • Fully functional when offline
  • Easy to scale
  • Shift & Tip Management
  • 24x7x365 customer support
  • Reduce fraud
  • PCI compliant
  • Affordable Tableside Ordering
  • Move customers faster
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