The Fastest
Drive Thru & Curbside POS

Forget old and static drive thru solutions that limit your service speed during peak hours.
With Touchpoint line busting, Pre-ordering and SMS-Pay you can get the highest throughput speed in the industry, that is affordable, easy to manage and scale.

Linebusting eliminates the bottleneck of the speaker box

Get out from behind the register to serve more cars faster and deliver a better guest experience

Instantly adapt to line length

Choose if you need 1 or 10 Linebusters. No dedicated hardware needed.

5GHZ WiFi & 4G 

To get to car 43, you need a good WiFi. Go even further with 4G.

Quick Words at order

Add color and car type to any order for easy recognition at the window

Credit / Cash Routing

Take credit payments with line busters and mark cash orders to be paid at the window

Guest Recognition

Linebusters need to have the full guest profile to know about offers, and re-orders

SMS Pay link

On Cash payment simply send the order the POS at the window

Claim and Make on KDS

Work simultaneously on the same order for fastest service

Multi Lane support

Orders can be sent to left or right window without hassle

Consistent Interface

Line busters use the same menu setup & UI as the inside POS for fast usage

Easy swappable

Quickly be able to swap out a line buster or a card reader when it's out of battery

Move Cars even faster with ZeroContact Pay

We see even higher thruput at brands that combine Linebusting or Squawk Boxes with our ZeroContact Pay System. Ask your customers for their mobile number, and they receive a Pay Link. That way, they can pay on their phone while waiting in the car lane.
  • Fast, secure and clean
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Major credit cards
  • No App or login for your customers needed
  • Works with Touchpoint Gift Cards
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Curbside Pick Up for your Restaurant

This way, it's guaranteed to not interrupt the order flow yet always have the chance to ask for signup

Live Order Tracker

Your guests stay in the know and don't need to wait in a parking spot

"I'm here" - Button

Customers simply tap the button and you can bring the order.

SMS Pay Link

Much easier than having 16-Digits via phone line

Online Store made from your POS

Easily start your online store simply from your POS Menu
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