Kitchen Management that fits your Restaurant

Reach new sales records with Touchpoint's nex-gen Kitchen Display System (KDS) that higher speed, DoorDash integration, and guest communication.

For every Vertical.

Because every vertical is different, Touchpoint has a variety of KDS features that help you run your orders faster and better.

Coffee KDS 

Designed for Speed, Accuracy and Sticker Printing

Pizza KDS

Prep Line KDS showing delivery times and DoorDash orders

Table Service KDS 

Specialized to manage courses and time sensitive meal prep

Sandwich KDS

Ingredient based KDS made for plenty of modifiers

Fundamental features designed for your vertical

Leave legacy ideas behind - you've never used a KDS this good, so prepare to break sales records.

Your team will process orders faster and more accurately.

And KDS tells customers their real time order status

Kitchen Edge case? We got it covered

All orders on one screen

Never loose control by having only one screen to show every order

Item Filter

Define where each item of an order should go to. Fries / Meat / Drinks ...

Prep line specific

It's important to show only the necessary info at each step, and in the right order

DoorDash and Deferred orders

Touchpoint displays DoorDash and deferred orders when time for prep, or swipe to see the future

Late Timer

Set your speed of service and help your staff stay on track

Delivery Timer

Touchpoint shows you when it's time for certain steps to stay on delivery promise

Connected to order tracker

Prep line steps sync your customers order tracker in real time

Color Codes

Faster and more accurate service with color coding items or special modifiers

Make instructions

One tap for instruction. Stay accurate from the first day of your shift

Claim, Make & Done

Work simultaneously on the same order while knowing who's working on what

"We have been extremely happy with Touchpoint and are excited to grow with you guys! Your product is amazing and your support team is phenomenal."

Dave, Cali Coffee