Touchpoint's A.I. Marketing can predict the success of offers, and can therefore guarantee sales

Generate new sales in minutes

With our A.I. Marketing tool, you can see guaranteed sales right from the start.

Always in control

You set a budget of how many additional sales you want to generate and A.I. engines can produce net-new sales from customers who would otherwise not visit.
  • Contactless
  • Keeps lobby clear
  • Pre-Order to same ticket that is used later

The right amount of Messaging

Our algorithms are optimized for action, and favor never sending unwanted messages to customers. Touchpoint A.I. Marketing is able fine-tune message frequency and content to be just right.

View guaranteed sales week over week

Always stay in the know with our A.I. Marketing Dashboard. Compare your days, weeks, and month across all your locations, or drill down to a single store.

Increase frequency

Your guests happily come more often and will spend more

Predict success

True AI is able predict redemptions and  earnings

Guaranteed new sales

By targeting customers who would not visit in a given period, we create net new sales that provide lasting growth 

More Marketing for your restaurant

Even more marketing is possible with the Touchpoint Online Store and the Frontend Ordering Management

Embeddable Coupons

Create Coupon Codes that you can share via Instagram, Facebook or simply via Email.

You can also print them on flyers.

Upsell by item or option

Our POS or Online store offers automated upselling, for example "Go large for just $1 more?" . Easy to adjust and implement.

Loyalty with digital  Stamps or Points

Learn about our Loyalty program here:  Attract 80% or more customers to your loyalty program

Touchpoint is your Partner, not a mere POS Provider.

We believe that hospitality is about more than food or service; hospitality is about connection, and relationships with guests.
Service and Support→

Personalized Setup

We help you in person to get your store running. From a first Menu Overview, to merge from a different system. But don't worry, it's not hard :-)

A system that always works

You are always up and running with Touchpoint. No matter if you are offline or experiencing a power outage.

We're here for you

In case something does go wrong, we are here for you 24/7/365. Our Team in based in North America and always connected to our Engineers.

Why choose Touchpoint? 

  • Cloud manage your store
  • Fully functional when offline
  • Easy to scale
  • Shift & Tip Management
  • 24x7x365 customer support
  • Reduce fraud
  • PCI compliant
  • Affordable Tableside Ordering
  • Move customers faster
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