Sell more with physical and digital Gift Cards

Easy to sell and reconcile. With a seamless migration from old ones.

Digital Cards, no App required

Give your customers a gift card they can never lose. Touchpoint's digital gift card inside our customer portal is available 24/7
  • View gift card balance and earned points
  • Access rewards, order history & send order feedback
  • Receive AI marketing offers

Gift Card Reconciliation Program

Crucial for chains with different owners across multiple stores.
Touchpoint operates a chain wide Gift Card Program which allows gift cards to be sold at one location and redeemed at another location.

Our per-franchisee reconciliation program tracks the funds loaded at one store and redeemed at another and with monthly to reconciling among stores.

Full reporting of gift card balance, usage, last spend date and location available.

Guests with Gift Cards spend more

Our sales data shows that customers using gift cards spend more money. Plus, cards are a great way to boost cash flow.

Doubles as Loyalty card

Customers automatically collect points or stamps when using their gift card.

Redeem via QR

Redemption happens contactless via QR scan via a Touchpoint System

Seamless migration

Easily migrate gift cards from your current provider with no down time.

"We love Touchpoint because it's fueling our growth. Our employees love it, and they're earning more from tips then ever before"

Cali Coffee