Touchpoint for QSR speeds up your service

Serve more customers during peak hours while increasing accuracy

The fastest POS is also the most powerful & easy

Conversational order to help you and your customers to get the order right, every time.
The Touchpoint QSR POS makes super fast to add plenty of modifiers, repeat orders, see recent orders from your customers and add discounts or offers.
  • Easy to learn and maintain
  • Unlimited counter and mobile stations in each store
  • Give your customers the best experience

Integrates with many CC Processors

Cloud based with optional Local Cloud redundancy

Automated Reporting

Email & SMS Receipts

Many partner integrations and API

Barcode Scanning


Sticker & Label Printing

Global editing of Menu and Settings

Conversational Ordering with Bundles make ordering even easier

The most intuitive and flexible conversational ordering also includes the multi-level option groups to easily handle your bundles and menu groups
Connect sides with multiple prices and option choices
  • Turn any item into a bundle and include sides that contain intuitive sub options like sauce for your fries or topping for a sundae
  • Items can have recipes of included attributes so "extra" and "no" are simple
  • Specials, Discounts and LTOs always accessible

Touchpoint KDS 2.0: Your Kitchen's Secret to Speed

Legacy KDS just can't keep up. Our next-level bidirectional updates, combines with dynamic routing, zoned ordering, and turn your kitchen in a race team.

Affordable, waterproof devices let you add KDS to every station to optimize your throughput
  • Make Line, single stations or Pickup / Expo station views
  • Fully interactive All Day or Per-order views
  • Full reporting of Speed of Service Kitchen Data
  • Long Press to see prep instructions
  • See customer allergies and more
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Employee Management

Manage employee access rights, shifts and tips.
  • Multiple job codes per employee
  • Clock in / Out, Tip Pooling
  • Paid and Unpaid Breaks
  • Salary wages and labor reporting

Now more than ever, it's crucial to move cars faster

With our flexible Line Busting technology in combination with Touchpoint's own Mobile Pay Link, you can service that lane in record time
  • Unlimited POS, KDS and Linebuster Devices
  • Faster window time to easily handle 80 car lines and 2,500+ cars per day
  • Pay at Device in line or send mobile Pay Link from line buster or speaker box
  • Works for Multi Lanes with Multi Windows
  • Integrated loyalty with 1 tap re-ordering of customers' favorite creations
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What are you looking for? 

As every restaurant is different, Touchpoint POS is flexible to fit your needs. Our advanced technology can support many thousands of devices in a larger chain with full single-point-of-truth enterprise capabilities, but is simple enough for any brand to use.

Basic Starter Kit

Just the basics for a single store
Achieve your growth and expand when it's the right time.
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Multi-Unit Professional Kit

You already run a very good business and now thinking about the next step? Talk to us and let's figure out how we can help.
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Chain wide Change

Many chains are not happy with the shortcomings of their legacy  technology. Connect with our Chain Experts to see how we can overcome your challenges as partners.
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Integrated Online Store

Touchpoint QSR Online Store allows you to quickly setup your POS Menu as your online store. Including Offers, Upsells and Delivery zones
  • Single source of truth menu management with your POS with pricing and items differences by regions and groups
  • Integrated Coupons, Offers and Special Deals
  • Integrated Customer Recognition
  • Order Tracker to know when Food is ready
  • Integrated to Touchpoint KDS
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Gain Insights from every sale

We track every customer sale from start to finish and offer detailed data and reports customized to your needs.
  • Real-time mobile friendly sales reports
  • Employee Performance by segments
  • See voids, discounts, orders per hour per employee
  • We offer custom reports instantly ready for your Excel
  • Detailed Data from our Data Scientists available

Upsell, Send offers, Give Discounts - all with our A.I. Marketing Engine

With Touchpoint A.I. Marketing you can offer tailored messages to specific groups like regulars, vegetarians or simply new customers.
  • Allow Discounts and Offers
  • Send out offers to certain groups
  • Option specific upsell in POS or Online
  • Send out Coupon Codes via Email
  • Track success of offers
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Loyalty + CRM built right in

Serve your customers better when you know who they are, how often they come and what they like
  • Single view of customer across all channels
  • One tap reordering of favorites
  • Allergies and preferences that appear on KDS 2.0. so your kitchen cna do the best job
  • Integrated feedback
  • View and redeem each guests' personalized offers and rewards
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