touchpoint for enterprise

Build trust with a true omni-channel experience

Your customers constantly adapt to new technology and are delighted when you do too. With our scaleable and open platform you can build the best omnichannel experience in the industry. Because nothing builds more trust and relationship than a great experience.

Manage everything to a
"Single source of Truth"

Centralize management of all ordering channels across hundreds or thousands of locations. Built upon the most reliable API-rich system.

Fully managed store hardware so you sleep easy

When you run large networks it's important to see how every location is behaving. Our fleet metrics monitor, alert and warn so we can keep your stores running at peak performance through adverse conditions.
We provide 24/7/365 fully-managed store hardware, including firewall, VPN, and WiFi, and offer monitoring and alerting tools and web-based dashboards to your teams. This is data center grade management, inside every store.
  • Fully-managed store hardware
  • Managed Firewall, VPN, and WiFi
  • Web based alerts & Dashboards

99.95% SLA Uptime never let you down

Choose the level of fallbacks for maximum service
For our customers it's important to always stay online to not loose substantial amount of revenue.
  • Local Hardware to serve when internet is down
  • 4G Fallback to always take online orders
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of in store hardware including firewall, VPN, and WiFi

Omni-Channel Data to help you make decisions

Because data silos make you blind, Touchpoint offers true omni-channel data
We know about the importance of data in every vertical. Examples are data driven pizza delivery, so you know when to send your drivers out, or simple which flavors to promote next.
Data reaches from staff speed of service, kitchen time, customer ordering time, and of course sales, feedback etc.
  • No data silos to combine with an external company
  • Every detail exportable for your own Stats Specialists
  • Fine grained from time of service to feedback

Data driven Guest Mapping

Map and bucketize your customers based on their behavior. Then use A.I. Marketing for best messaging

Data driven delivery

Know if your driver should wait for another order or learn where to open a new location

Store / Staff comparison

Why do some stores work faster than others and which items increase repeat visits

Your Customer Data everywhere

For a superior customer experience it is important that data is synched across all channels
Everywhere data means that POS/Online/Mobile are always in synch regarding the customer journey. Tell your customers that an offer is waiting or upsell on their favorite topping/side/flavor.
  • True A.I. Marketing from sales and visits on every channel
  • Personalized offers on POS, Online and Mobile
  • Loyalty points on every channel

API's and Software to build upon

Develop with or on top the Touchpoint platform
We especially designed or platform to be agile for future changes like contactless payments or delivery. It also allows easy integration into existing environmnents.
  • Open API that works with your system
  • Partnerships with Integration partners
  • Custom build software for any OS

Cloud Manangement

Manage everything from HQ via cloud. Dive deep into single stores and change items or get data

Centralized Training

A centralized system also means much easier training. Easy live training via online channels

Gift Card reconciliation

Fairness is important, that's why GC reconciliation is a must have feature

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