Treat every guest like a regular

With 80%+ loyalty adoption you can talk to every guest by name and instantly re-order their favorites

Build loyalty participation in weeks

Seamlessly enroll more than 60% of your customers to our double opt-in loyalty program in less than 3 weeks with Touchpoint Loyalty
Even Starbucks or classic 10-Stamps on paper can't compete with Touchpoint's loyalty adoption.

Why? Our unified approach isn't based on legacy POS technology, limited integration or data silos. With Touchpoint's holistic approach, the signup, guest experience, cashier's experience, and customer benefits are better, and unified.
By eliminating hurdles and giving your customer's a matching signup gift, you can easily reach +60% of adoption in less than 3 weeks

Signup customers before, during or after taking their order

This way, it's guaranteed to not interrupt the order flow yet always have the chance to ask for signup

Instant Engagement

Customers instantly receive a text message with their offer for their next visit.

Signup with anything

To eliminate bottlenecks, your guests can signup via Credit Card, Mobile, or Gift Card

20 secs to signup

It doesn't take longer then 20 secs to signup a new customer.

Easy redemption does it

Customers simply tell their mobile number or swipe their card and the cashier can see all offers available for this guest. Simple, easy, and makes customers happy.

Know your guests better than they do

By knowing their orders, their habits and their offers, you always suprise your guests with perfect service
  • Available rewards and offers
  • Allergies and Preferences
  • Fast re-order of favorites

More features to help your service

Touchpoint Loyalty Program has the tools to work for you and your customers

Points or Stamps

Choose what suits your business model best.

Points Reconciliation

Fair and necessary if you have multiple locations

Profile at Caller ID

Automatically display customer profile when a call comes in

Sales Comparison

Compare sales and visits of Members vs. Non-Members

More Marketing for your restaurant

Even more marketing is possible with the Touchpoint Online Store and the Frontend Ordering Management

A.I. Marketing for guaranteed sales

Learn about our Marketing program here:  A.I. Marketing for guaranteed sales.

Upsell by item or option

Our POS or Online store offers automated upselling, for example "Go large for just $1 more?" . Easy to adjust and implement.

Embeddable Coupons

Create Coupon Codes that you can share via Instagram, Facebook or simply via Email.

You can also print them on flyers.