The POS made for High-Growth Coffee Brands


Grow your Coffee brand faster with Touchpoint

And have more fun along the way

Loyalty and CRM

Reorder customer favorites with one tap

Line Busting

Serve more cars per hour with our  Line Buster and coffee-specific ordering features to exceed 2,500 cars per day

Boost Everything

Boost loyalty members, get more repeat visits, Grow your business

The ordering engine optimized to make coffee faster and sell more

Increase your sales 20%+ with faster ordering at the POS, integrated loyalty and a KDS that makes your team faster.

Coffee Ordering

Fastest conversational ordering in the industry. Designed to work with all your flavors, shots, drizzles, sugars, milks ...

Transform Items

Transform items to change one item into another with just a tap, keeping all the common options

Loyalty & CRM

Know your guests and their favorites. Even your newest staff member now gets your customer's order right, every time

Options, lots of options

Centralized management delivers menu optimization and consistency to your entire chain

Linebusting is Key for Speed of Service

With line busters that take orders and payment, your drive thrus can move faster than ever and have greater accuracy and better service. Serve thousands of cars per day with ease.
  • Mark orders by car type and color
  • Add unlimited line busters when needed
  • Contactless payment
  • No extra hardware needed when using Barista's phone

KDS 2.0: Kitchen Management for high-growth Coffee

Focus on the making not the guessing
The Touchpoint bi-directional Kitchen Display lets your baristas work together on the same order. Color codes make it intuitive to grab the correct cup. Detailed timing gives provides a metrics to measure success brand wide.
Learn more about KDS 2.0→

Integrated Gift Cards for extra convenience and profit

Easily convert legacy swipe cards to our intuitive QR-based gift cards that double as loyalty card. Customers self-serve in a portal where they can view their orders, points, gift card spend and even provide feedback.
  • Physical and Digital Cards
  • Gift Card reconciliation across stores
  • No additional Hardware needed
Learn more about Gift Cards→

"Thank you. You have an amazing team and we truly appreciate the effort to help make this a successful launch!"

Wake Up Call

The most successful Digital Loyalty in the industry: 80%+ participation

Getting 80% of orders opted in to your loyalty program makes Touchpoint the best program for any coffee location and 2x better than SBUX.

...but why stop at 80%?
Some chains on Touchpoint enjoy
over 90% digital loyalty participation!
Learn more about Touchpoint Loyalty→

20 secs to signup

It doesn't take longer then 20 secs to signup a new customer.

Connect with anything

To eliminate bottlenecks, your guests can signup via Credit Card, Mobile, or Gift Card

Instant Engagement

Customers instantly receive a text message with their offer for their next visit.

A.I. Marketing for guaranteed Sales

We've done the math, and our teams have made amazing strides in generating net new sales for brands
True A.I. Marketing can predict the success of offers and can therefore guarantee sales.

Our A.I. models increases sales every day by bringing in guests who would otherwise not have visited. When monthly visit frequency increases, you make more money.

In fact, with our A.I. Marketing, you only pay for the net new sales increases you want.
Learn more about A.I. Marketing→

Join us today like many of the best coffee brands already did

Working with us means learning from other great coffee brands and be certain that we continuously make this product better!

Enterprise reporting & Cloud management

Enjoy the best real-time data from all your locations unified on our dashboard or in spreadsheets that update in real-time. Easily integrate with Quickbooks / Zero, ADP, Paychex.

Touchpoint Dashboard

All the data about your all your customers from all your locations

Employee management

Improve operations with data like "how many drinks per employee per hour."

Real-time spreadsheets

Your sales the way you need it. Don't copy-paste but use the power of spreadsheets for best performance

Manage from the cloud

HQ menu management that supports multiple regions, items and pricing to get the right drinks at the right stores with the right price

Touchpoint is your Partner, not a mere POS Provider.

We believe that hospitality is about more than food or service; hospitality is about connection, and relationships with guests.
Service and Support→

Personalized Setup

We help you in person to get your store running. From a first Menu Overview, to merge from a different system. But don't worry, it's not hard :-)

A system that always works

You are always up and running with Touchpoint. No matter if you are offline or experiencing a power outage.

We're here for you

In case something does go wrong, we are here for you 24/7/365. Our Team in based in North America and always connected to our Engineers.

Why choose Touchpoint? 

  • Cloud manage your store
  • Fully functional when offline
  • Easy to scale
  • Shift & Tip Management
  • 24x7x365 customer support
  • Reduce fraud
  • PCI compliant
  • Affordable Tableside Ordering
  • Move customers faster
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