ZeroContact Pay for QSR and Tableservice

Move customers faster with the only true contactless payment method that keeps you and your customers safe and happy.

Pay anywhere

Send bills to the drivethru so customers pay before the window

No hardware needed

Nothing to charge or maintain

Integrate to your App,
or standalone

Fast, easy and flexible

The Easiest Way To Offer Contactless Payments

Faster than running a card to POS. A Pay link sent to guest via SMS or QR code scan. No hardware or app required.
  • Requires no power, works on all phones
  • No dongles, no hardware
  • Integrate with your App, or use without App
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Call in orders are now really easy to handle

Cheaper, safer and easier than reading cards over the phone. Simply enter your customers phone number and they receive an SMS Pay Link
  • Send in Real-Time
  • Customer can Pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Credit Card
  • Full Tip and Split Bill Functionality
  • You see payment status on your Dashboard
  • Optional Sticker Printer to label bags

Digital Menu built right in

Guests receive an SMS with your menu or can scan a QR code to enjoy a fully contactless experience right from the start.
  • Start with a simple PDF
  • Upgrade to an HTML version later

Move Cars faster

Ask for your customers mobile number and you can instantly send a pay link. Payment happens on your guest's phone while they wait in line for their order
  • Faster Lanes
  • Tippinig and Splitting included
  • Enterprise Level Reporting

Order Tracker brings customer satisfaction

Customers love to know when their order is ready. ZeroContact Pay now gives you the ability to offer real-time tracking
Live Order Tracker -

Always in control with the Live Ticket and Receipt

Depending on integration level, your customers can see a live ticket on their own device. And pay whenever they're ready to go.
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Must-Have Features for Contactless  Payment

Delight your guests

Runs on customer device

In app, or no app needed

Is PCI compliant

Security you can trust

Has Shareable Pay Link

Bill split

Adjustable Tipping

Makes guests and servers happy

Coordinated Bill Split

Clearly see your portion, and unpaid amount

Use Apple Pay / Google Pay

Works on every major platform

Enter any payment card

Even without Apple Pay

View live ticket & live receipt

A real time view to your order and pay anytime

Get e-receipt

Email, SMS with PDF link

See payments due

Perfect bill split every time

Optional Order Tracker

Stay in the know with KDS 2.0

Feedback Module

Collect the feedback that matters most

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