Self-Serve Ordering with Contactless Pay

Let your guests order on their own, without App or login

Order, Re-Order & Share

Works on every modern phone, integrates with your system
Unload work off your servers and let guests order on their own.
  • Multi guests can order on one ticket
  • Modifiers and extras
  • Save favorites for easy re-order

All the features your guests crave

We made it especially easy to use for your guests to order, tip, split and pay, all on the same Live Ticket as your server

Searchable Menu

Search for favorite ingredients or allergies

Simultaneous Ordering

Every guest at a table can optionally order to a the same shared Live Ticket as the server

App Free usage

Guests can order and pay via mobile friendly website. Get the URL through SMS, QR or NFC

Live Ticket

See your open tab and optionally add to your what you've ordered from your server

Menu Search

Search everything in the menu


Customers can add items to courses

Saving Favorites

Group your favorite items


Pre-defined and custom Tips (optional)


Split by items, evenly, partial

Apple Pay at the Table

When it's time to pay, just press a button for Apple Pay, Google Pay, or enter your credit card info.

Multiple ways to order and pay

Choose the right fit for your restaurant. Whether your guests receive an SMS with the order link or scan a QR code.

Send Menu and Pay link via SMS

Guests can pay via Apple Pay, Google Pay or enter their own credit card

QR to view and order

Guests receive SMS while seating. Tap done. what else

Pay on your phone

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Digital Waitlist with pre-order

Guests can optionally pre-order while waiting for their table
Gives your customers a better and contactless way to get seated or wait until table is ready
  • Contactless
  • Keeps lobby clear
  • Pre-Order to same ticket that is used later
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Pickup with order tracker

Customers can track their order status
Use the SMS pay link and order ready feature.
Cheaper, safer and easier than reading cards over the phone.