The first Waitlist that takes orders

Keep your lobby clear by sending an SMS to guests and kickoff the best contactless guest experience. No hardware or customer app needed.

Check-in with their mobile number

Customers can now walk around and lose the fear of being too late for their table. And they don't have to carry a weird Beeper around.

Browse menu and pre-order while waiting

Reduce wait time by letting your customers pre-order starters or even their full meal, all without extra work for your servers.

Message when ready and start serving

Once table is ready, you press a button and your customer is ready to start.

Runs in any Browser, notifies via SMS

If you have a Smartphone or a tablet, you can use the Touchpoint digital Waitlist. No Beepers needed, message your customers via SMS
  • See number of groups and guests
  • View quoted times and actual wait time
  • Simply press "Send" when table is ready

Recognize returning guests with integrated CRM

To make it even easier, the Touchpoint digital Waitlist auto-fills returning guests once number is recognized.
  • Instantly see name and number
  • See Allergies or Preferences
  • Reward returning guests with an extra smile
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Your Customers view wait status, browse menu and pre-order

Make use of their wait time by telling your guests how long they have to wait. Let them browse your menu and even pre-order their favorites

Pre-Order and search for ingredients

Can't remember the name of the rosemary cocktail from last time? Just search for "rosemary" and see all the available drinks
  • Searchable Menu and Ingredients
  • Pre-Order to open tab
  • Your servers don't need to re-enter anything
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Even more contactless experience

Put your guests in control and let them pay when they're ready

Once your guests can order on their phone, let them stay in control during the payment process either. No worries, it includes Tipping and Bill split
  • Adjustable Tipping
  • Split by amount or group size
  • Pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay or major Credit Cards


What do I need to start?

Nothing. You can start the Touchpoint Digital Waitlist with your mobile phone that is connected to the internet.
That's all.

Do you support no show and cancellation?

Of course! Guests can cancel and you have the option to press "no show" .

Can I add notes to a customer profile

Absolutely! You can add predefined tags or add special instructions like "instagram influencer"

Do you offer reporting?

Yes, you can see how long your average wait time is, when there are peak hours and what customers pre-order most

Does it work with my POS?

Absolutely! Yes, it works with every POS immediately. IThe easiest start if you want pre-order and pay is to think like your DoorDash integration.

Or don't integrate at all. Also no problem.

Does it work across multiple locations?

Customer profiles are available for every of your locations

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Affordable and Easy

the Smart Bill Folio is super easy to use and makes your guests happy.

Fun and full control

Your customers receive a folio as usual, but can pay on their phone. You stay in full control who paid and how long it took

Split, Tip & Rate

Your guests can split the bill, use the automated tipping and can rate their experience in the end.