The Ordering Frontend for Legacy POS

Improve the guest experience while the Legacy POS remains in the background to ensure all of a store's operations continue without interruption.

Tableside Ordering

Servers can now take orders via their phones
Speed up your service and order accuracy without the need of new hardware. Our Ordering Frontend enables you to offer a fully digitalized interaction model.
  • Searchable Menu
  • Courses and auto fire
  • Works on ANY modern smartphone or tablet
  • Integrates with KDS or Printer
Learn more about table side ordering→

Self-Serve ordering

Guests order and pay at any time
Increase ticket size and earn higher tips by letting your guests order on pay on their on Smartphones. Lower the pressure of your servers while enhancing your service.
  • Highlight Favorites and search full menu
  • Order simultaneously on multiple smartphones
  • View Live Ticket
  • No login or App required
Learn more about self-serve ordering→

Get even more out of your system

The Touchpoint Oder Management Fronted offers a set of tools helping you to offer a contactless service

Do you offer contactless payment?

Yes we offer contactless payment. Choose from a broad range of EMV readers or try our new ZeroContact Payment solution. Learn more here ->

What Hardware do I need?

Depending on your setup you want to use, it is helpful to add a Touchpoint Local Cloud and maybe some iPads. But generally you can start with what you have.

How do you integrate to legacy POS?

We have multiple ways to integrate with your POS. Our API, your API, direct Integration or as a start as easy as adding a tender type. Talk to our Integration Team for more Info

Installation and Support

Starting is easy and we'll provide all the help you need to make you feel comfortable. And fyi, we guarantee 99.97% uptime on all our solutions.

We're on your side

We believe that hospitality is about more than food or service; hospitality is about connection, and relationships with guests.
Service and Support→

Personalized Setup

We help you in person to get your store running. From a first Menu Overview, to merge from a different system. But don't worry, it's not hard :-)

A system that always works

You are always up and running with Touchpoint. No matter if you are offline or experiencing a power outage.

We're here for you

In case something does go wrong, we are here for you 24/7/365. Our Team in based in North America and always connected to our Engineers.

Why choose Touchpoint? 

  • Cloud manage your store
  • Fully functional when offline
  • Easy to scale
  • Shift & Tip Management
  • 24x7x365 customer support
  • Reduce fraud
  • PCI compliant
  • Affordable Tableside Ordering
  • Move customers faster
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