QR / NFC: Contactless Menu Order and Pay

Turn tables faster with higher tips when using ZeroContact Menu, Order and Pay at your restaurant

Customers can view a live bill and pay anytime

Single-use paper badges

No need to disinfect,
Low-cost, self-print

Reusable table badges

Variety of shapes and styles,
Can be your design,
has NFC and QR

Keep your Processor

You want to keep it simple, so do we. That's why you can keep your processor and add Touchpoint

No hardware needed

Customers pay on their own phone. You don't have to buy any contactless payment device

No App, no Login

Touchpoint QR makes paying fast and easy. That's why nobody should download an App or sign up to pay.

One Badge for Menu, Order and Payment

Simply put one QR badge on each table and your guests automatically see your menu or their bill. Fast, easy, clean, with zero contact.
  • Style it your way
  • Live ticket means you can let customers add items to a ticket the server started
  • Customers can see live ticket, and pay anytime

Scan, Tip & Split without any App

Use the power of modern phones. Let your customers scan the QR code to pay without the hassle to sign up or download an App. Just Scan and tap "pay".
  • Adjustable tip suggestion
  • Scan and pay without App
  • No need to download an App
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Self Pay means faster table turns

Touchpoint's ZeroContact makes everything faster than today. And your customers can have the freedom to leave any time. Accept all major credit cards and Apple Pay and Google Pay.
Or, integrate your Gift Card.
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Full Payment Reports
  • Integrates with any POS

Self ordering with enterprise menu management

Let your guest be even more involved in the process and give them the ability to order at the table - on their own.
  • Searchable Menu for Allergies and Ingredients
  • Coursing and Favorites
  • Day Time related Menus
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