The complete Pizza POS Solution

Settling for less functionality limits your full potential. If you’re in Pizza, you need a full pizza solution. Touchpoint Pro for Pizza is specialized for the complex needs of pizza

Integrated Loyalty

POS or Online store, your customers always know their status

Caller ID

Call-ins automatically show customer profiles with recent orders

Dispatch & Native Delivery

Assign drivers to orders, manage cars and delivery zones

Pizza Specific Features for high-speed ordering

Together with our Pizza customers we've build a rock solid system with all the features necessary

Halves, Thirds, Quarters

Combine different pizzas or add different toppings to the parts of the pizza

Delete Down or add toppings

Critical to display what’s on your specialty pizzas, and easily delete down or add toppings.

Option price change

Define if options change their prize based on pizza size

Size-based Options

Related Modifiers are useful to limit / expand the possible options

Deals and Bundles

Create specials and bundles and offers from your items

Multiple Menus by region

Different regions require different taxes and menu items

KDS 2.0: Kitchen Management System

Faster and more accurate service for your Pizza location
  • Sticker Printing
  • Prep Line Option Display
  • Late Timer
  • DoorDash and Deferred orders
  • Delivery Timer
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Caller ID with automatic customer record

Customer profile and order history automatically shows up on call to give you the best service.
Take advantage of the fact, that every guests has a powerful device in their pocket that they can use to order on their own
  • Current order at your finger tips
  • Re-order past orders or items instantly
  • Quick access to profile, loyalty and payment information
  • Works in conjunction with Pizza Tracker

Integrated Upsell

Increase profitability every day
Automated upselling can add thousands to your bottom line.  When customers orders a small, ask about a medium. When they order 8 piece, suggest a 12 piece and offer a discount.
  • Upsell by item, category, size ...
  • Optionally offer discounts at the time of upsell
  • Track usage and take rate

Accurate Delivery Zones

Charge different amounts by zone to stay profitable
You might not need to operate your own dispatch & delivery today, but it’s nice to know you can.
  • Customer address automatically places them in zone
  • Ringed zones, where outer zones can fully contain interior zones
  • Delivery charges and driver fees based on delivery zone

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Today’s powerful new technology that is designed specifically for the Pizza vertical can take your business to the next level.
Learn about the key features available now, that you need to survive and grow. Whether you have one store or hundreds.

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Integrated Online Ordering

Grow your online sales with Touchpoint's Pizza Online Store

Integrated Loyalty

View recent orders and special offers after login

Order Tracker

Guests see order progress in real-time

Contactless Delivery

No need to take cash or open the door

The extra cheese

Request a demo to learn even more about our Touchpoint Pro Pizza solution

Point- and Click Menu definitions

Enter toppings, then define which toppings are on what pizza, how much they cost, and which crusts are available in which size.

A.I. Marketing

Produce net-new sales from customers who would otherwise not visit
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Shareable Coupons

Send out coupon codes redeemable online, via call-in or in store.

DoorDash Integration

Hire more Drivers or sell your items via DoorDash. Integrates to POS/KDS

Touchpoint is your Partner, not a mere POS Provider.

We believe that hospitality is about more than food or service; hospitality is about connection, and relationships with guests.
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Personalized Setup

We help you in person to get your store running. From a first Menu Overview, to merge from a different system. But don't worry, it's not hard :-)

A system that always works

You are always up and running with Touchpoint. No matter if you are offline or experiencing a power outage.

We're here for you

In case something does go wrong, we are here for you 24/7/365. Our Team in based in North America and always connected to our Engineers.

Why choose Touchpoint? 

  • Cloud manage your store
  • Fully functional when offline
  • Easy to scale
  • Shift & Tip Management
  • 24x7x365 customer support
  • Reduce fraud
  • PCI compliant
  • Affordable Tableside Ordering
  • Move customers faster
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