How to serve more customers at peak times

Touchpoint increases the speed of ordering, paying & gives your kitchen breakthrough performance through optimized data flow.

Increase your Drive-Thru capacity to 2,000+ orders per day

Set new records for throughput while improving customer service and accuracy. Touchpoint helps franchisees serve over 2,000 orders daily through a single-window drive thru! That's insanely fast.

Watch the video to see Touchpoint LineBusters and KDS servicing surprisingly long lines.

Give your customers Kiosks to speed ordering

For the price of a few iPads, it’s like having extra staff always on duty, with an instant ROI.

Our super easy Kiosks are lightning fast for repeat customers and perfectly integrated with Loyalty for a rich member experience. They're also easy and friendly so new customers can take their time.

Wireless, low-cost and seamlessly integrated into the Touchpoint environment, Kiosks are an easy, "Yes!"

Make mobile ordering great

The mobile app should be a connection to your brand and know about all of your customer's experiences even if they ordered from cashiers or kiosks. For speed, Guests should see wait times calculated from the number of orders in the KDS, and get updates the moment an item is marked prepared. Use our app or let us work with your agency to craft something unique for your brand.

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Use an interface designed for your concept

Better UI means faster processing of orders. Every vertical can benefit from special optimizations to increase order speed and accuracy.

Coffee, Smoothies, Boba Tea

Easily access hundreds of options. We're the fastest and best POS - no exceptions.


Our intuitive interface to easily select custom toppings on Half pizza, Quarters, Thirds. Enter complex orders, simply and fast.

Chicken, Burgers, Sandwiches

Bundles and customizations easily ordered and always accurately prepared with the KDS.

Make your kitchen faster and more accurate

We help your kitchens process more orders simultaneously, with no confusion or delay.

Busy locations using Touchpoint regularly set new company records for throughput, and capture more peak hour sales.

Monitor performance across your chain

Know exactly how each store is doing minute by minute and chain wide. Touchpoint has you covered with data from all your stores. Be real-time & on-the-go with our Peak App.

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