Enterprise POS:

Reinvented for Digital Engagement

Connect at every touchpoint

Enterprise POS reinvented for the best guest experience and highest loyalty participation


LineBusting, Drive Thru, Kiosk, Customer Recognition, Faster Speed of Service

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Full Service TSR

Waitlist, Tableside, Pay at the Table, Pay by Phone

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Pizza & Delivery

In-house Delivery, Mapping & Zones, Deferred Orders, Predictive Orders, DoorDash

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The best companies in the world are obsessive about knowing their customers

Why? Because knowledge enables the best service and marketing, period. With Touchpoint you will know 80% of all customers, in ways to help your teams serve them better, every visit. Our AI marketing then lends a hand to systematically increase sales and net margin across every store in every region, guaranteed.

The most meaningful number of any digital program is participation: We’re at 80%.

Touchpoint achieves a record-beating 80% participation in part because we have re-invented POS for engagment. We obsessivly refine every screen in our system to maximize customer engagement, and the result is typically 8 times more customers in your marketing database.

Grow sales beyond the Counter POS

Online - Kiosk - Mobile Apps - Table Side - LineBuster - BYOD - Counter POS

Brands use Touchpoint to serve more than a million guests per week beyond our counter POS. We call it Everywhere Commerce.
Don’t be held back by limitations of legacy POS thinking. Meet your guests where they’re at. Touchpoint can.

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Enterprise Cloud Solution

  • Manage to a single source of truth
  • 99.95% In Store Uptime SLA available
  • Real time above store reporting
  • Real time hosted Data Lake available
  • Managed in-store HW and Networking
  • Health alerting and reporting
  • Global menu management
  • Powerful APIs to connect and share data
  • Scale to thousands of stores in single brand
  • Multi-brand groups? Share customer data, loyalty across brands

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We sweat the details at every customer touchpoint

To deliver the best guest experiences and highest digital engagment in the industry.

Everywhere Commerce and POS

Marketing CRM and Loyalty

Order management, Kitchen Displays, and DoorDash

Customer Experience and Feedback

And happily partner on the back end for Scheduling, HR, Payroll, specialized inventory, etc.

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