How to get more customers more often

Upgrade to Touchpoint Peak Rewards and expect 200% - 300% better results.

Touchpoint Peak Rewards may be the most advanced Digital Loyalty and Marketing platform in the industry. We capture, present and enable more customer-specific data on more screens than any other vendor. But it's not only our advanced technical capabilities that make our platform so successful. It’s also because we build the digital relationships and experiences customers want.

Establish a digital relationship with 80% of your customers

The single most important metric in your Digital Loyalty program is participation. What’s yours? If it’s under 50%… that means most of your customers are rejecting your current program. The truth is most programs fall short.

But there's good news! We can upgrade your loyalty and get 60% to 80% of customers signing up and participating from Day One.

It’s that good. Your customers and CEO will thank you.

Fix the disconnected experience of digital loyalty

Don't settle for digital loyalty that was cobbled together - upgrade it to a seamless experience and enjoy the highest participation in the industry.

Our integrated solution provides a seamlesss customer experience that stand-alone loyalty vendors and clunky POS systems could never reach.

Achieve new levels with our streamlined signup, prompts at payment, hints for cashiers or our Hands Free Guest Detection that was never possible with bolt-on loyalty.

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Convert low frequency customers

Touchpoint enrolls and tracks 3 to 4 times more customers than our digital loyalty competitors. That means we can engage more customers and increase sales further.

Competitors typically only give discounts to the top 20% of customers who were going to return anyway. We enroll the infrequent visitors who comprise the vast majority of your customer base.

Then, our high-results targeting provably increases their visits and turns more guests into regulars. Your sales will bloom.

Welcome them back when they walk in the door

Our unrivaled Hands Free Guest Detection lets you transform your hospitality experience into something unmatched. Contact us for a demo or plan to visit our live deployments.

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Know who they are, and offer them exactly what they want

With a single view of each customer, we are the point of truth for all transactions with your brand. And we can display any information on any screen - POS, KDS, Mobile Phone, Kiosk, you name it—any screen any time.

Let’s work together to create a unique experience for your brand.

Use Touchpoint Peak marketing to bring guaranteed net new sales

Hey, that’s smart! How about sending offers to customers who weren’t likely to visit? What else? How about increasing visit cadence of more frequent customers? Catching people who fall off their patterns. Noticing which people are ready for a change of favorites to keep them coming back. Oh did you have a long wait and bad experience last time? Let us detect that and send an incentive.

We help accelerate your growth by increasing net new sales.

With the easiest experience, customers can’t forget to use

Don’t make your customer download an app, remember to use a coupon or jump through hoops. With Touchpoint, their claimed offers are already waiting for them at the POS. It's a delight.

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Enable automated marketing to cultivate sales growth

You’ll have more customers engaging more with your brand.
We help accelerate your growth by increasing net new sales.

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