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We took the time to compare Touchpoint with several POS contestants

1. Industry specific Specs

The restaurant industry is very different compared to retail and other industries. Differences for example are in inventory of fresh goods,  on time food prep and a much higher visit frequency compared to other shops.
Because we are the only company that specifically creates software for the food and beverage industry, we first compare some general necessary industry features.

- Recipe based items
- Preparation notes
- Secret menu items
- Ingredient search on POS
- Upsell on items, options, size...
- Fast and conversational ordering
- Easy adding of ordering devices during peak hours
- Affordable table-side ordering
- Affordable line busting
- SMS Pay link for curbside pickup
- SMS Pay link for Drive Thru
‍- Feedback with reward
- DoorDash Integration
- Pre-order chance by guests
- Highlighted notes about Allergies and Preferences across all devices
‍- Time prediction on delivery and pickup

- Interactive Kitchen Display
- DoorDash Integration to kitchen
- Sticker Printing
- Highlighted notes about Allergies and Preferences across all devices
- Color codes of items
- Color codes of options
- colored highlighting on prep change of ingredient

- Personalized online ordering
- Digital (contactless) Waitlist
- Pre-order of favorite items from own device
- SMS Pay link for curbside pickup
- SMS Pay link for Drive Thru
- Feedback with reward
- Live order tracker
- Time prediction on delivery and pickup
- Bill splitting
- Menu search by items and options

- F&B specific POS?
- In-store HW for fallback (optional)
- Recipe based items
- Preparation notes
- Bundles
- Meal Specials
- Secret menu items
- Easy Menu Management
- Multi Menu Management
- Table Map
- Customizable Tipping
- Tip distribution across teams
- Feedback consolidation
- DoorDash Integration
- Cloud managed menus
- multiple menus per store
- different menus for stores
- A.I. Marketing specified for restaurant guests

2. General Specs

Of course there are overlapping features to other industries. For example APIs and true contactless payments.
- PCI compliant
- Keep processor (optional)
- 4G failover
- Contactless Payment
- EMV payment
- POS with / without images
- Open API for integrations
- Restart in last app state (when battery out or app crash)
- Strong and robust WiFi (5Ghz)
- Software works with different cash drawers
- Software works with different printers
- End-to-end encryption

3. Coffee specific features

Coffee verticals know that TouchpointPro is tailored for selling coffee and drinks fast and accurate. See below the list of coffee specific features that are must-haves features to operate on a fun and professional level.

- Fast re-ordering of guest favorites
- Affordable line busting of drive thru
- "Unlimited" devices during peak-hours
- Super robust 5GHZ WiFi for maximum reach outdoors
- Fast item Transformation from Hot to iced etc.
- Secret menu on POS only
- Item and modifier search on POS
- Collapsable modifiers for fast overview
- Color codes of drinks
- Contactless SMS Pay for faster drive thru
- Greet everybody as regular "Welcome Back Steve" 
- Social Tipping
- Fast "+1" of item
- Sticker printing
- KDS showing who works on what drink
- Real-time change across multi KDS
- Color codes of drinks
- Color codes of options
- Highlighting of real-time change during prep
- Hardware stands that work with big coffee machines
- Preparation notes per item

- Omni-Channel loyalty
- Gets recognized as regular
- Points or Stamp based loyalty
- Contactless SMS Pay for clean service
- Integrated physical and digital gift cards
- Specific Online shop working with multi options
- Quick re-order of favorites
- Feedback for loyalty points
- Offers and rewards on every device

- Gift Card reconciliation across stores
- Hardware stands that work with big coffee machines
- Item and order specific Coupons and offers
- Printable Coupons
- A.I. Marketing of coffee specific offers
- Specific Online shop working with multi options
- Employee performance reporting
- Shift forecast
- Tip distribution across employees
- Cloud menu management
- Specific menus for different stores
- Real-time sales data
- DoorDash integration

3. Pizza specific features

Besides coffee, we had time and resources to build - together with a top 50 Brand - the best non-legacy PizzaPOS. We now know what features are needed to run your Pizza Business smoothly

- Caller ID with guest profile
- Time prediction on delivery and pickup
- Compare address with delivery zones
- Half / Thirds / Quarter ordering
- Options based on sizes
- Topping prices change on size change
- Pizza specific deals and bundles (Specialties)
- Upsells on items, toppings, size ...

- Prep Line KDS
- KDS with integrated 3rd party delivery
- No bump bars to prevent "flour-dead"
- Deferred orders
- Sticker printing
- Late timer
- Delivery timer
- Make instructions
- Color coded definitions

- Online store with location search
- Guest recognition online and in store
- Contactless pay
- Contactless delivery
- Offers and rewards on every device
- Accurate delivery times
- Real-time pizza tracker

- Variable Delivery Fees
- Driver Management
- License plate connection
- Shareable coupons
- Point- and Click menu definitions
- Real-time sales data
- Staff performance data

4. Table service specific features

The best table service experience is always bundled with friendly staff members and accurate service. Touchpoint specifically took care about keeping your servers in control and be able to offer the best service possible
Waitlist / Seating
- Digital waitlist that works via SMS
- Guests can view digital menu and pre-order
- Seat guests with mobile number
- Guest recognition via mobile number
- Merge/Move tables
- Table map with order status

- Order items to courses
- Order items to table or seat numbers
- Show allergies / preferences of guests
- Auto fire items to kitchen
- Variable Bill splitting
- Affordable table side ordering
- Order via own device
- Fast re-oder of items

- Interactive Kitchen Display
- Prep line style KDS
- Item routing to bar/ kitchen
- Allergy notification in kitchen
- Server notification on meal ready
- curbside orders appear on KDS when time to make

- View waitlist status
- Be able to pre-order while waiting
- Self-order when seated
- Live receipt on own phone
- Simultanious ordering
- Tipping
- Pay on own device
- Split bill in various ways
- Receipt as PDF
- Feedback
- Order tracker when curbside pickup

- Table map management
- Automatic tip setup
- Staff performance tracking
- Multi menu support