A platform to invent the future of commerce

At Touchpoint we've built a cloud-based innovation platform that allows us to craft the best experiences for different screens, devices, partners, and industry segments.

Our rich APIs allow for flexibility and customization so that use cases can be handled "exactly right," not worked around. We can integrate with other systems and data services exactly as needed. We're excited by partners who want to re-imagine what's possible.

Records that we are proud of
...but still want to beat


8,473 Drinks served in one location on one day. 80 Unique items ordered, and the most popular item had 92 individual variants.


Together with one nation wide brand, we managed to signup 72% of their guests in just 2 weeks to their rewards program


How many line busters work your line? We saw 8 line busters working an 82 car drive thru line.

Building the best system for you, together with you

Because every workflow is different, we built our platform to adapt to your demands in no time. One example: We rolled out 30+ custom features in just 25 days for a single client.
See our constantly growing list of features:
Touchpoint Feature Directory

Looking for a challenge? Come work with us

Are you passionate about overcoming obstacles to create the best commerce experiences that have ever existed? Technology for stores is bad and our mission is to fix that.

We're a merry band of experienced professionals based in Palo Alto, always looking for other passionate people to join in the fun. The challenges are hard, but each day we get to invent the future of commerce.