Detailed Reports
For 100% business insights

All Data right on your Dashboard

No matter if single store reports or Data merged from multiple stores,
the Dashboard gives you a real-time overview how your business is running.

Sales Reports in Real-Time

How is your store or your chain perfoming? Which store runs best at what time? Touchpoint gives you the answers.

Detail View about every Transaction

Drill down to a single transaction, see who the cashier was.

See how your staff is perfoming

How fast are your guest able to order? How many seconds does your staff need to prepare the order? We give your detailed reports on anything what is happing inside your restaurant

Know morea bout your guests

What are you top 20% of customers spending, and what is their favorite item? We have the answers.

Wherever you are, keep control of your business

Touchpoint even gives you access to your sales reports wherever you are.

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save time, increase sales and better connect you with customers.

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