Architecture for the future.

Intelligence and Control

The Touchpoint platform is a cloud managed, secure and fault-tolerant distributed system proven at scale, and is the archictecture to replace legacy POS systems which are little more than a collection of independent Windows machines. Complexity and breadth of applications have kept incumbents in play, but Touchpoint now offers the feature sets as well as capabilities current vendors lack. Built on a powerful and extensible platform architecture to Touchpoint delivers unprecedented value to restaurant and hospitality groups worldwide.

Architecture for the future

Instead of multiple PCs each running a POS in-restaurant, a new approach is needed. The Touchpoint platform provides the benefits of a cloud-managed system, with the full speed of a local system. It meets the requirement that the restaurant be fully operational, even when the Internet is unavailable, and that order state and coordination between the many devices remain fully functional at all times.

Our Mindset: Be open and build the future together

We built our platform on APIs, making it easy to develop software and solutions that provide enormous value today. Tomorrow, we see opening up API’s so other developers and service groups can shape the customer experience for their brand.

While we have a huge range of built-in capabilities, we view partnerships and third party development as essential to meeting customer needs. Don’t want Touchpoint’s inventory management system? No problem, we can integrate with your own or contract with our services group to build the solution to meet your exact needs. We can integrate with your existing hardware, software and services.

Modern commerce platform

Architected around customer and mobile first

Extensible and Flexible for a wide range of deployments

API’s and Web Services for customization

Build anything
with the Touchpoint API.

Fast to market, low risk, easy integration.
Our platform is all about innovation.

A full suite of integrated components

Use individually or combine them all to transform business operations and customer experience

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