Powerful, well-connected and safe

  • Sufficient compute power for 10's of thousands of orders per day
  • Reliably maintains and backs up all restaurant and customer data locally and to the cloud

Always-on Speed and Reliability

  • Always on
  • Fully operational even when Internet connectivity disrupted
  • Always fast because bits served locally

Data and Networking Superstar

  • Continually monitors and ensures all connected devices are receiving data fast - No more dropped orders, or slow print jobs
  • Add or remove screens instantly - Data is always where you need it
  • Coordinates data across hundreds of screens per store and millions of customers

Unified data with unlimited scalablity

  • Powerful data structures track pricing and menu changes across stores, and allow unified near-real time reporting to HQ
  • Easily report on all staff activity, payments, prep steps and customer activity to compare performance, timing exceptions across all stores and employees

Fast, Reliable Communication

Many systems fail to deliver on promise of WiFi, and suffer from dropped orders and unresponsive systems.
The Local Cloud can be viewed as a "data center in a box" combining Data, Storage, Application Logic, Serving, Networking, WiFi, Security, health monitoring and redundancy, with no management from IT.

  • Optional Local Cloud Hardware
  • Full Aluminum Chassis
  • Fanless
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • 64GB internal SSHD
  • 4 WiFI Radios (5GHz)
  • 2x Lan
  • Wall Mountable
  • 15 watt power

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