Multi-Store Capable
Report and manage menus, configurations and operations a central, regional or individual store locations
Consolidated sales and operational data at all levels
Summary and full detail reports in real time
Centralized menu management
Enterprise wide Mobile Order Pay, Loyalty and Reporting
Allows for location specific menus items and pricing
Multi-Register Aware
Multiple registers per location
Per-store consolidated reporting
Per-register and per user reporting
Multiple cash drawers per register
View and process open/suspended orders from any POS
Integrated Kitchen Display system
Send items to individual prep stations (screen or printer)
Performance Timing standards- late items fade to red
Executive stations can see sub stations
Speed of service reporting per store, chefs, items
Consulting Services
Integrations with Back Office systems via APIs
Our powerful APIs allow easy integration with off the shelf or custom packages such as HR, Payroll, Accounting, or Inventory management
Dedicated development and support available to meet your operational strategy
Large scale data management
Restaurant As A Service (RAAS)
Cloud based with onsite mini-cloud for business continuity
License-based or SAAS pricing for rapid ROI
Combo ordering easily select options
Easily add modifiers
Real-time order progress and status
Stored payment credentials
Reorder past orders
View and Redeem Loyalty rewards
Purchase items with stored points
Geofenced Push offers and coupons
Detect Guest presence and suggest predicted order
Wireless POS
POS out of PCI Scope - no cc information stored or seen by POS
3 minute training - easy enough for children to use
Fast order processing - service guests faster
Multiple tender-types on one order (cash + credit, multiple credit, etc)
Customer-Facing payment: Card stays in customer’s hands
Custom amount entry
Accept payments while offline
Customer signature on device (over $25)
Paper receipt via connected printers
Duplicate printed receipts numbered - with id of who printed it
Digital receipts via text
All printed receipts stored as pdfs indefinitely in cloud for fraud control
Manually-entered credit cards
Record other tender: cash, check, check repas, gift card, and more
Apply discount with reasons
Re-send a receipt
Issue refund for item or order
Remake item or order
Adjustable tax tables by item, category (e.g. liquor, food), service type (eat in, to go)
Item modifiers
Advanced item modifiers (multiple modifiers per item, multiple choices per modifier)
Pay with Points at POS or Mobile phone
Record amount tendered, tender type, processing time and cashier for each order
Order Entry
Custom Items and amount
Assign tent or table number to order
Add user-defined order comment
Tender with upsetting recommendations
Conversational ordering
Change “eat in or to-go” anytime with taxes applied
One touch to add multiple quantities
Upselling/Suggestive selling order script at tender time
Easily change items in a combo
Add multiple quantity of line items
Easily designate out-of-stock items on POS
Show per-customer recommendations
Show number of past visits, loyalty points and status
View open/parked orders from any POS
Interactive customer-facing screen for order verification, edit and payment
iPad or iPad Mini
No license restrictions
Fully integrated
Kiosk mode
Self-service order and pay
Orders sent straight to kitchen
Mount on walls, at entrance, etc.
Cloud Pay
Yoga pants friendly: pay at POS—no phone and no card required
Log-in at POS and use stored credit credentials
Cash Drawer
Multiple drawers per register
Starting Cash, Cash Skim, Paid in / Paid out with reason codes and user
Total cash drawer history with transaction details
Drawer report details print on receipt printer
Managers can see and manage all cash drawers from any register or iPad
Blind close option (cashier reports actual amounts, doesn’t see expected amounts)
Automatically calculate drawer over/short amounts
Track over/short by drawer and cashier
Encryption at Card Reader
End-to-end encryption to payment processor
Full Tokenization - card data never on POS, or in cloud
Time and Attendance tracking at POS or KDS
Break time tracking
Managers can edit time card records at POS
Log in with QR Code Card
Log in with name & password
Multiple roles and pay grades per employee
Labor cost per 15 mins
Labor cost as percent of sales revenue per 15 minute
Premium Register Enclosures
Aircraft-grade aluminum: strong and durable
Sealed to be liquid resistant for easy cleaning
Ergonomic height for improved visibility
Swipe on side - doesn’t rotate like square
Replaceable swiper, rated for 100,000 swipes
Adjustable screen angle
Rubber feet or direct-counter attach
VESA holes built-in for wall mount
Embedded power supply with daisy chain capabilities
12V-19V power allows 100+ foot cables runs
(6 foot long USB cords can’t charge ipads at full brightness)
Customer Detection and Recognition
Recognize customers’ phones as they approach the store
Push order suggestions to customer’s mobile phones
Security and Management
Control which physical devices are allowed to connect with data
Set roles and functions of terminals & KDS remotely
MDM option locks devices to Touchpoint
Wireless KDS / Expo station (Kitchen Production)
Paperless kitchen
Displays orders and monitors time to prepare
User-defined prep times for items
Real time Speed of service on all orders
One tap recipe and build card look ups
Items sent to prep stations
Tap to mark individual items or orders as finished (bump)
Integrated timer and performance display
VESA wall mount with long-run power cables
Time and attendance login
Receipt and Kitchen Printers
WiFi or Ethernet
Customize receipts with logo and footer
Kitchen prep / stub printouts per station
Runner (summary) print outs per order
Executive stations can see substations
Receipts with customer’s name and point total
Receipts with table numbers and order notes
Order/Ticket with chronological numbers
Look up order via receipt at POS
Cloud stored PDF of each receipt (anti-forgery and verification)
Secure Wifi for POS, KDS, Printers
Continuous-Connect: Monitors and repairs connectivity to POS/KDS/Printers
Multiple ethernet ports connect to printers, cash drawers, back office servers
Fully-functional even when internet goes down
Fully-redundant Fail-over
High-speed local service
Scalable architecture to support 100,000+ orders/day per location
Green - only 35 watts
Fanless, SSD, no moving parts
Fully cloud managed - just plug it in to upstream router
Continuous 24/7 monitoring and health checking from cloud and internally.
Secure communications and encrypted data at rest
PCI out of scope: No Credit card or PCI information ever touches device (RAM or Disk)
Guest WiFi
360 degree loyalty program tracks visits and activity (passive & active)
Earn points for visits and purchases
Configurable earning / redemption table by item
User tiers (silver, gold, platinum) with differentiated rewards
Customer can check and redeem points via mobile app
Customer can check and redeem points at in-store POS
Marketing database with line item detail
Customers can modify tier own profile via mobile app (and see changes at POS)
Loyalty program extends across entire enterprise
Redeem points or offers at any restaurant location
Ability to run bonus point offers for specific items or customer status
Supports customer proximity detection
Send coupons and offers directly to mobile phones
Target by activity, purchase history, and Geofencing
Closed-loop offers and reporting
E-Gift Cards
Scan at POS
Load and reload via cash, check, credit or other tender
Track usage by location
Email-able and printable with QR code
Comprehensive reporting and analytics
Real time sales, Popular items, Discounts, Voids,
Popular items
Top customers, Order types
Speed of service - per order and by order type
Speed of service by employee
Order History & Analytics
Every item, every step who worked on it when
Menu Items, procuditon and prep items timing
Menu Management
Daypart menus and pricing
Holidays and special event menus and hours
Centralized menu creation with sync to multiple restaurants
Restaurants can also have separate items and pricing
Menu with mulcategoires, sections and sub sections
Small and large images per item
Mark items out of stock from POS screen
Combo meal bundling (multiple items for specific price)
Offer bundling (BOGO, etc)
Cloud menu editing
Sync cloud menu to multiple stores
Add & Organize items for sale
Import items in bulk
Loss Prevention
Reason codes on voids, cancels, refunds
Void, Cancel and refund Report by register and cashier
Report count of No Sales (drawer opens) and Returns by tender type
Register accountability by cashier tracking and reconciliation
Audit trail of all transactions
Archive of audit trails in cloud
Inventory management
Centralized recipe Management
Ingredient database
Multiple menu items can deplete single inventory item
Unit of Measurement and Conversions
Nutritional Information
PAR-based levels to recommend re-ordering
During receipt, system allows PO and receiving document to be modified
Indicating actual quantity received
Indicating any price changes / variations
Ordered vs received
Inventory costing
Food Cost Calculation reporting
Create and send invoices
Business Intelligence & Reporting
Fully hosted, web-accessable data warehouse
Zero IT support
Real time data from all stores
Consolidated financial, labor, CRM and transaction level detail with drill down
Company, region, area, and DMA reports available immediately
Unified Data

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