About Us: We connect merchants
and customers

We believe that every sale can be the start of a beautiful relationship

We were inspired by experiences in Europe, where as guests we felt welcomed, valued and appreciated, so we began working with restauranteurs and merchants to explore how we could use technology as a "super power" to create better experiences and greater connections between the merchant and guest.

For example, our DigitalBill Folio is the carefully crafted result that benefits waitstaff, guests and management alike.

  • Waitstaff love the simplicity and increased operational efficiency
  • Guests are in control of their time, while being recognized and rewarded for their visits
  • Management sees growth though increases in efficiency and repeat visits, enjoying instant feedback from more delighted guests than ever before.

It's comfortable technology that augments, improves and simply makes things better.

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Israel L'Heureux
Touchpoint founder and CEO.
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Our Mission

Touchpoint’s mission is to connect merchants and customers so businesses grow.

“As we grow from 20 to 30 locations, Touchpoint is installed across our brand, improving staff workflow, delivering better data, and providing a better experience for our customers."

About Touchpoint

Executing our vision takes perseverance, which started at Stanford University, and grew over years at both big companies (BMW, Juniper, Dell, Daimler-Benz) and Silicon Valley start-ups with very successful exits (Redline Networks, Whatsapp).

Our tech backgrounds may be in e-commerce, networking, mobile and large-scale distributed systems, but the common theme is understanding what customers really want and delivering solutions that "just work".

We've also spent years behind the counter in restaurants and retail, and the intense pressure to quickly and accurately serve customers has influenced the design of our product line as much as formal training at Stanford Product Design and highly-regarded German technical universities.

We've worked hard to make our products reliable and as easy to use for a mobile-native teenager as for Baby Boomers; easy for customers, staff and operators because simplicity, clarity and ease-of-use are part of our core product values.

A Platform, Not Just Products

At Touchpoint we've built a cloud-based innovation platform that allows us to craft the best experiences for different screens, devices, partners, and industry segments.

Our rich APIs allow for flexibility and customization so that use cases can be handled "exactly right," not worked around. We can integrate with other systems and data services to large merchants exactly as needed. We sweat the data issues, so the implemented solution "just works."

Our Inspiration

It was our second visit to an old Italian hillside village where paint proudly peeled off the buildings, laundry flapped from lines hung between balconies and kids joyfully chased each other in the church square. We made a bee-line for the restaurant we had eaten at some weeks prior - we didn't know the name of the place but the food was unforgettable.

What happened next was totally unexpected. As we stepped into the restaurant the young man who served us before looked up, beamed a huge smile at us and said, "Ben Tornato!" (Welcome back!). This wasn't a casual greeting; it was accompanied by hugs and laughter and joyful pointing to the homemade chocolates in the fridge - the ones our kids loved on the last visit.

What an amazing feeling it was as a guest - to be recognized, remembered, appreciated and understood. This is our motivation and inspiration for Touchpoint