The innovation platform for commerce

Touchpoint is about

Enterprise proven POS

The most advanced POS in the world is the easiest to use.

Perfect in high and low environments, Quick Service and Table Service.
Cloud & local controlled POS, KDS, Bluetooth, Beacon, Wifi

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Multi-Store Capable

  • Headquarters, Franchisee groups, and individual stores
  • Integrated, real time reporting
  • Summary and full detail reports
  • Centralized menu management
  • Enterprise wide Mobile Order Pay, Loyalty and Reporting

Multi-Register Aware

  • Multiple registers per location
  • Consolidated reporting by store
  • Reporting by register and user
  • Multiple cash drawers per register
  • View and process open/suspended orders from any register

Mobile Ordering and KDS

  • Full mobile order & pay functionality
  • In-store mobile orders go directly to KDS
  • Send items to individual prep stations (screen or printer)
  • Performance Timing standards- improve prep productivity
  • Executive stations can see sub-stations
  • Speed of service reporting per store, chefs, items

Fast, Reliable Communication

The Touchpoint Local Cloud is a new invention that arises from the convergence of Cloud and Mobile computing.

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Efficiency-Boosting KDS increases Peak Order Capacity

Fully integrated with mobile ordering. Performance timers. Wireless & Paperless

Thinking about Line-Busting? It's already included

No separate licensing. Grab an iPad and go. Native iOS interface

Set new records in DriveThru Speed

Linebusters save ~ 60 seconds per car

Touchpoint is about

Build anything
with the Touchpoint API.

Fast to market, low risk, easy integration.
Our platform is all about innovation.

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Touchpoint is about

Loyalty that connects with every customer

Loyalty Rewards, Feedback and Activity Based Marketing let customers interact and engage more

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